About Us

About Us
Make My Cartoon

We are a group of passionate Cartoonists , having over 10 years of experience in creating cartoons and illustrations. We will create a picture cartoon or photo cartoon.


Our carefully selected artists have spent thousands of hours mastering their craft to provide you with top notch custom artwork.

Each portrait is hand drawn based on your photos and drawing notes, and then reviewed by a Quality Assurance team before being sent to ensure that you absolutely flipping love your portrait!

Why Work With Us ?

Our cartoon characters are all hand drawn unlike many websites out there that merely use tools to generate cartoon avatars. When you order a cartoon avatar from makemycatoon.com, you can expect it to be unique to you since it will be hand drawn by yours truly!

Ready to Get Cartoonized?

What Client Say ?

I’ll definitely be purchasing from them again in the future. Their attention to detail is wonderful. Their customer service is quick to respond & so kind. They worked with me & the changes I wanted to have made.

Sarah William

Happy Client

I had to revise a few times to get what I wanted, but they did the revisions like I asked and the email team was very cooperative.

Lura Frazier

Happy Client

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