1. What kind of photo should I send?

We can work with basically anything you send, but the higher quality and clearer the photo, the better.

2. Can I add text or words to the portrait?

Yes! Just let us know what you want to add and we'll include it .

3. Can you make adjustments to the photo I'm sending?

Message us about your needs and we will do best to accommodate. We can change hair colors, clothing colors, remove items like sunglasses or braces, etc.

4. I want to combine two or three photos into one for my portrait, is that possible?

Yes! Just message us first to ensure that it's possible to edit the photos together but in most cases we can :)

5. Can you draw the background too?

Yes! we are happy to do abstract/color custom backgrounds

6. Can I get a rush order?

Sure thing! Just message us first to make sure there's room in the production schedule.

7. Why a digital print and not a physical item?

By not shipping the item, this ensures that you will receive your print quickly and this allows you to choose how you would like the artwork printed. You can print as many times as you like and gift to as many friends as you choose!

Ideas for what you can do with the digital print: Get it framed, printed onto a canvas, made into greeting cards, made into a blanket, magnets for your fridge, coasters, printed on a wooden board, made into a poster, use it as your phone or computer background, and much more!

8. Where/how can I print?

In the USA - Staples, Costco, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart, Shutterfly, print-my-pdf.com or your local print shop

In the UK  - Instaprint, Helloprint, Boots, or your local print shop

In AUS - Vistaprint, Photobox, Snap print, or your local print shop

The print is best suited for an A4 frame, available at most places that sell frames! If you require an alternative format just let us know.

9. Pet illustration is considered as a character